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From Our Founder
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Note from the Founder/CEO

"At Dell Management, our culture revolves around putting the people first by developing our team, forming relationships, working collaboratively, and acting according to our core values. Our company was built upon providing quality, ethical and professional services and paying attention to the details that matter.

By applying our diverse experience, we customize the experience for you, our customer, to enable your success. Through teamwork and partnership with your teams, we bring the construction experience to the table to fuel growth for your company and ours – if you are successful, then we are successful. Our outstanding safety record, construction experience, and proven track record allows us to provide innovative solutions in a world of continually evolving challenges."

About Us

About Dell Management 

MN Headquartered          Services Nationwide

Utilizing over 50 years of experience in the Construction Industry, with the completion of over $1.2B in projects throughout 20+ states, we offer a unique approach to helping our clients obtain their goals. What sets us apart is that we focus on developing our people and partners to care for the customer.

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Areas Worked
Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team

Building a strong foundation of success starts with the people of Dell Management. 

To learn more about our team, click the name below. 

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Chief Executive Officer & Program Manager


Executive Assistant

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Director of Innovative Technology

Globa Impact
Parallel Lines

Global Impact

Engrained in our core values is the need to take care of the environment. We believe it is essential for every company to work towards conserving the planet by planning and building for the future through sustainable practices. At Dell Management, we do our part by volunteering our time and profits and by partnering with nonprofit agencies to protect our natural resources because we care.

As a valued partner, your business means we will continue to support innovation and be better able to fulfill your needs to create a lasting impact on the industry and the world. By working with Dell Management, you are helping us to achieve our shared vision of making the world a better place by Building the Future Through Innovation™.

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Build With Us
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Build With Us

Be Engaged - Be Innovative - Be Challenged - Be Rewarded

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